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When planning a trip of your life-time, Galapagos should be up there in your bucket-list. The Island is located approximately 1000 kilometres from the mainland of Ecuador. The Archipelago is made up of 13 Islands, 5 of which are inhabited by humans. Travellers, scientists, scholars and nature oriented people have long been admirers of the rich flora and fauna which is present in the islands. Scientists are still baffled with the question of how such incredible diversity of species could develop in such an isolated location like the Galapagos. Galapagos has an abundant wild-life which you have probably only seen in the comfort of your home through Discovery Channel. Ever imagined of a sanctuary where animals have no fear whatsoever of coming into contact with humans? This phenomenon occurs only in these enchanted islands. It is only here that you can swim up close with penguins, sea lion, the Galapagos turtles and the only down-side to this is that you will befriend some of the animals making it a very captivating experience.Click here to learn more on the Galapagos wildlife:

Marine life
Another magic of the Galapagos is found underwater, where a quarter of the marine-life in the Galapagos cannot be found anywhere else. From sea turtles, eagles rays, hammer head sharks, whales, marine iguanas, the Galapagos would not disappoint you. To many this may sound strange but diving enthusiasts will never be disappointed where every dive is a unique experience. Find yourself surrounded by hammerhead sharks, or whale sharks while observing the incredible manta ray slowly creeping by. And you will never be alone during the dives, as the sea-lions will ensure that you are kept company during your daily swims.
A beautiful blessing of the islands is that there is pleasant weather through-out and there is no actually best time to travel as every month of the year offers a unique Galapagos Experience. Here you can find an overview of the months and plan your splendid Galapagos trip. Here you can find an overview of the months and plan your splendid Galapagos trip:

Whether travelling with others, alone or on a tailor-made trip you will never get the time to see all the magnificence of the archipelago has on offer during your first trip- wildlife lover, keen photographer, typical holiday goer or a skilled diver, the Islands will inspire you immensely as it did inspire Darwin and you will leave the island with a different perspective of life and you sure will return to these paradise once more.
Travel with us and be ensured of a life time trip amidst all what the islands have to offer.
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